Chapter 25: Geometric Booleans Part 1

Code to Node DSS Translation

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Here is the Code to Node translation from Chapter 25, Geometric Booleans,

from the DesignScript Language Manual located at http://designscript.org/manual.pdf (pages 74-75).

Slowing down as we come to the end of the manual, this and the last chapter will be broken down into multiple posts.

One may have noticed in previous examples that the Union graph node has been used in situations to unify separate sets of point arrays. Now seen here the Union method integrates different solid objects into one. This graph node can be found through the contextual menu by using the corner dots on a node to access the "union" command for solids (See Appendix DSS-2: Contextual Menu, page 80)

This example shows the two spheres unified as in the manual, there also is an example with the unification of a sphere and cube.

This post uses color to highlight the unification of the solid geometries. A level of transparency was achieved by using the Alpha setting for color. Note that this chapter like all others was also posted on the Autodesk Labs DesignScript Forum. Once again this was done using the stand-alone version of DesignScript.

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Here is a DSLM - Chapter 25 Updated legacy DSS - translation, with its files available for downloading.

#DesignScript LM – Chapter 25-Part I – Geometric Booleans

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