Code to Node DSS Translation

Hi Everyone:

Here is the Code to Node translation from Chapter 26, Non Manifold Geometry, from the DesignScript Language Manual located at http://designscript.org/manual.pdf (pages 76-77).

This being the last chapter in the DSS translation, thought it would be good to show the interpretive method used in conjunction with the tutorial, in addition to the tutorial itself. For those interested it's broken down into 3 parts to highlight the technique used to aid in translating and learning DSS and the scripts shown from the manual.

Once again this was done using the stand-alone version of DesignScript and this was posted on the Autodesk Labs DesignScript Forum website. 

Thanks for looking.


Here is a DSLM - Chapter 26 Updated legacy DSS - translation, with its files available for downloading.

#DesignScript LM – Chapter 26-Part I – Non-Manifold Topology

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