Chapter 26: Non-Manifold Geometry - Part 2

Code to Node DSS Translation

Hi Everyone:

Here is the Code to Node translation from Chapter 26, Non Manifold Geometry Part 2, from the DesignScript Language Manual located at http://designscript.org/manual.pdf (pages 76-77).

This is showing how the transformation is taking place as one continues to replace the code with nodes from the Libraries, either from the contextual menu on nodes or from the Menu Library. Please note that the Node menu is "Contextual", meaning that the command nodes that are accessible from them are dependent on what type of node one is working with.

Surprisingly not all nodes are available from the Menu Library, this is something that still isn't understood. Is this intentional or a developmental issue? Nonetheless one should be aware of this when selecting nodes.

This was done using the stand-alone version of DesignScript.

Thanks for looking.


Here is a DSS legacy update link to chapter 26, part 2.

#DesignScript LM – Chapter 26-Part II – Non-Manifold Topology


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