Chapter 26: Non-Manifold Geometry, Part 3

Code to Node DSS Translation

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Here is the Code to Node translation from Chapter 26, Non Manifold Geometry, Part 3, from the DesignScript Language Manual located at http://designscript.org/manual.pdf (pages 76-77).

Non-manifold objects in DesignScript are Solids, which contain cells. An objects makeup, its topology is composed of Cells, Faces, Edges, and Vertices.       

Best explained and drawn from the DS manual...

"Each object is linked to both its parent and children objects, as well as the neighboring objects in the geometry’s structure. For instance, every non-manifold solid contains a list of Cells. Each Cell contains a list of Faces, as well as a list of adjacent Cells. Each Face contains both the Cells an either side of the Face, as well the perimeter Edges. Each Edge contains two Vertices, as well as every Face which uses this Edge".

An excellent description of a complex arrangement. (Per manual author Patrick Tierney)

This post uses color to highlight the divisions in the non-manifold geometries. A level of transparency was achieved by using the Alpha setting for color. Once again this was done using the stand-alone version of DesignScript.

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Here is a DSLM - Chapter 26 Updated legacy DSS - translation, with its files available for downloading.

#DesignScript LM – Chapter 26-Part II – Non-Manifold Topology

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